shipping wine & spirits

Shipping Your Wine & Spirits

Moving your wine and spirits collection can seem like a massive undertaking, but that’s why we’re here. C3 Transportation takes the stress of moving your high valued wine & spirits and handles every step of the process quickly, professionally, and reliably.  

From the moment we step foot into your home, our professional (and fully insured) team handles every bottle with the utmost care to be sure it moves safely and securely to its final destination. You can rest easy knowing that C3 Transportation has you and your wine covered.

Who do we work with?

  • Wine auction houses
  • Wine storage facilities
  • Private wine collectors
  • Wine specialists
  • Management companies
  • Moving companies

What materials should be used to pack & ship wine?

We highly recommend that all of our customers use our double corrugated cardboard boxes. These are the best in terms of limiting space on a truck or pallet, and are the most versatile for different bottle shapes and sizes.  We use these boxes for picking up delicate high valued bottles headed to or from auction, and we use these for everyday drinking wines as well.

Shipping Wine & Spirits – We’ve got you covered

When your wine is with us on the road, you’re covered through our meticulous attention to detail – down to the nail on each box. If we hold your wine overnight, we provide temperature controlled storage with 24-hour video surveillance security. See our Terms of Service.

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