Additional Wine Services

Long & Short-Term Wine Storage Facilitation

C3 offers assistance in coordinating short-term and long-term storage for wine collections. Full-access storage is available in select locations. Additionally, we offer the option to deliver wine club shipments and other wine purchases directly into storage accounts in certain locations.

Wine Inventory Services

C3 can arrange specialized inventory services with wine experts to help clients organize and catalog their wine collections. This service can be as detailed as tracking bottle and rack/bin locations, or as general as receiving a list of your wine. We also offer the option to digitize the collection onto a platform like Cellar Tracker or VinCellar, allowing access to the list and a community of collectors.

Wine Consignment

If shipping wine is difficult or expensive, or you’re looking to sell part or all of your collection to make room in your cellar, consider consignment as an option. We can assist you in finding trustworthy consignment options across the industry, at no additional cost to you.

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